7 useful tips for productive and efficient online meetings

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This story starts with an inverted thought… Suppose we had always worked together online like during the corona period and suddenly, for whatever reason, we were forced to go to the office to meet. Then we would find it strange to stand in a traffic jam for a long time, drink coffee together and meet for hours together in one cramped room. Yet there are people who still have difficulty with online meetings…

Inspired by Tweakers…

“Meetings have to get faster and faster, only the person in charge talks, and I barely get in to give my opinion on anything. I honestly feel quite alone with this problem at the moment", we read that on Tweakers and it was the inspiration for us to describe these 7 tips:

Tip 1: Send less, ask more

You generally meet to learn from each other. If you, as chairman, only send messages, you might as well have sent the presentation alone. With that in mind, you will experience that asking questions in the meantime yields you more. So plan time to ask questions and of course answer the questions in the chat messages.

Tip 2: Don't make the groups too big - Don't send URLs blindly

There are core team members in a project and colleagues that you only need a few times to provide input. Because online meetings are so easy to schedule, there is a risk that colleagues will receive a link incorrectly while they cannot or do not have to contribute at all at that time. By thinking carefully in advance who you really need, groups will automatically become smaller.

Tip 3: With large groups, let someone take the lead

Of course, there will be times when the entire organization needs to be informed. This could be a strategic decision, for example. If you are online with tens or even hundreds of people at the same time, it is advisable to let someone be 'the director'. There are also agencies that specialize in livestream events and facilitate this completely for you.

Tip 4: Send an agenda in advance

By sending an agenda in advance, your colleagues can already think about possible questions. Sending an agenda in advance enhances interaction during online meetings. It also prevents noise in advance from possible sub-topics that are not relevant at that moment.

Tip 5: Provide inspiring presentations

Online you can't look people in the eye as well. Therefore, do everything you can to keep participants interested. Use a video, submit a statement to discuss or, for example, tell us about something that has surprised you most in the past week. There will be more laughter for sure.

Tip 6: Invest in the right resources

Of course you need a fast and stable connection and luckily that can be arranged very quickly these days. Also think about good sound. You can use headsets, but if you don't want to appear in the picture with such a thing on your head, an external USB microphone is also recommended.

Tip 7: Check afterwards whether it was successful

We give the manager of the person on Tweakers, who gave the feeling of one-way traffic, the tip to call a little more often after an online meeting. What every person also needs are one-on-one conversations, from person to person. And that is exactly what is not possible during online meetings and for which the corridors or coffee moments were used in the normal situation…

Questions about online meetings?

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