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You love your profession, want to build strong cases and help your clients. Nevertheless, you have to shift your focus regularly, because there are many peripheral issues involved in the profession; such as storing and sharing information and customer data, keeping time records and looking up data. Support staff can take a lot of work off your hands, but there is still the idea that this should be possible differently. Fortunately, in a time where more and more are required, more and more can be taken over by smart software solutions. There are applications that have been specially developed for the legal sector and other applications that are more than suitable for this sector. We would like to introduce you to some important digital applications that make your work easier.

Time Tracking software

The registration of the hours worked and the budgeting of the hours to come are becoming increasingly important. Clients want to have transparent insight and there must also be clarity with colleagues about the time investments. Legalsense has been specially developed for your field and ensures that hours are registered easily and naturally. The hours are linked to files and there is always an overview by means of clear reports. Legalsense streamlines your workflow and optimizes profits, because insight is created and hours no longer “disappear”. Time Tracking software provides insight into investments, provides convenience and optimizes results and communication.

Document management system

The safe storage and sharing of information and documentation is central to a document management system for the legal profession . With the help of different rights structures, there is clarity about who has and who does not have access to certain documents. Contentworker makes this possible, this software provides a complete solution for both storing and sharing documents and email. Integrated in Magistra, all data is stored on Dutch, local servers. In addition, the data is safe and accessible anytime and anywhere for those who have rights.

Connection Tool

We work everywhere, not just at the office. A proven connection tool is a must-have for the new way of working. With Skype for Business you are available everywhere and under all circumstances. Video calls and conferences are set up immediately and are not limited to country borders. Also share documents or screens during the conversations to keep each other fully informed. Skype for Business is the perfect connection tool for communication with your colleagues, partners and clients.

Lawyer software in Magistra

The connection tool, Contentworker's document management system and Legalsense's Time Tracking are all options in The Sourcing Company's legal software. With Magistra we offer a complete solution for the legal sector, which makes work easier and leaves more time for the actual focus; the clients and files. Do you want to know more about Magistra, download our free whitepaper about Magistra now.

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Would you like to know more about all aspects that an online workplace for the legal sector must contain? Download our whitepaper about Magistra now for free.

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