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Suppose you had a great job, would you still make a career switch? Most people don't, but Manon Burghgraaff, our new Microsoft 365 consultant, luckily did. She has been working at TSC with a lot of energy and passion since 2 January 2020. It's time to introduce her and share some quotes from her:

"If you asked me two years ago, then ..."

… I never thought I would have a job in IT! ”, Explains Manon. He gained experience with Microsoft 365 at her former employer since 2013. She discovered that she found it very interesting to delve deeper into the matter when she encountered something in practice. She also always wanted to be aware of new features, used Google a lot to look up something and if she didn't get a correct answer she watched videos on YouTube. The result? After seven years, she turned out to have built up a valuable wealth of experience in the field of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, MFA and much more.

"Sharing and explaining knowledge gives me energy"

When Manon saw the vacancy at TSC, she did not have to think long about it, because it allowed her to follow her passion. I myself was that customer with questions ”, she says. This allows her to switch very quickly and even, if an answer is not possible immediately, look for alternative solutions. "It is great fun to make people enthusiastic and to think about how you can set up work processes, such as in SharePoint, even more efficiently and smarter."

"Proactive information means building long-term relationships"

Her ambition is to proactively take customers along in the field of new technological developments and, above all, not only provide support and support only when requested. The way she does this can be in person, on location at the customer, but of course also online via Microsoft Teams. “There is nothing wrong with making fewer kilometers,” she adds.

Her activities

For Manon, the user always comes first. She gives introductory and inspiration sessions, preferably on location, training, workshops and also supports users with how-to videos. The frequency per customer to share knowledge varies, but she prefers to proactively inform customers at least once a quarter about new developments in Microsoft 365.

"What's Manon's tip of the day?"

We thought that was a nice question to conclude with. "Use Microsoft to-do”, Is her answer. It is a task list that automatically integrates with your Outlook, so you can keep control of all your daily actions in one environment and you can also share your task list with others via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Do you have questions about Microsoft Office 365?

Then take here contact us, because then you might be connected to our new Microsoft Office 365 guru.

Thank you for your contribution Manon, welcome to TSC and good luck!

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