Data storage in the cloud: what should you consider?

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Are you planning to store your data in a cloud? You may have heard many positive stories about data storage in the cloud, but you are not yet fully aware of the various possibilities. Before you switch to a new form of data storage, it is important to know what to consider. After all, it is about your valuable business information. Or even information from your clients, patients or customers. Think of security, costs, legislation and upscaling. We have listed the most important points so that you can make an informed choice.

Type of cloud solutions

Depending on your budget, the amount of data and your wishes regarding privacy and ownership, three types of cloud solutions can be described:

  • A private cloud
  • A public cloud
  • And a hybrid cloud

Think of systems such as Microsoft Azure, Office Drive and Azure Stack. There are different pros and cons to each cloud solution.

GDPR and other legislation in the cloud

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the protection and security of data storage is an even bigger theme than before. The majority of companies have a moral understanding that privacy is a great asset and that their customers should be well protected in it. Especially customer data from sectors such as the legal profession and healthcare where sensitive information is used, must be secured with extra care. There are extra hefty fines for non-compliance with the GDPR, precisely to prevent abuse.

Before choosing a type of cloud solution, consider the extent to which security is important. For example, you can take into account that a cloud server where you are going to store data must necessarily end Dutch territory must stand. If a server is located on Dutch territory, you know that all guidelines automatically comply with Dutch and European legislation.

the importance of the server location at AVG

The location of a public cloud is not always clear. In addition, the possibility exists that at a company such as Microsoft or Amazon the servers are located on American territory. At a privat or hybrid cloud you do have full insight into the server location. In addition, the priority of implementing security updates is higher than the latter two. If updates are implemented quickly, it is more likely that the data is safe from viruses and hackers.

Download our whitepaper 'How do you keep your customer data safe?' and get acquainted with different cloud solutions and Azure Stack. 

The costs of data storage in the cloud

As in many places, there is a direct relationship between the space you occupy and the costs that are prohibited for it. Data that is stored in the cloud resides on a physical server or called a 'stack'. This hardware is pricey and is in a high-quality space that also has to be paid for. So you actually pay for physical space that gives you virtual data space. The amount of space depends on the amount of services and applications you purchase and their size.

At The Sourcing Company we think it is important that you pay for what you use and nothing more. With us, the licenses, depending on the type of service you purchase, are charged per minute or per hour.

Furnishing the virtual space

When choosing a cloud solution, also keep in mind that the space can be arranged according to your own preference. Perhaps a standard furnishing is sufficient, but you may want to have more control over it. If you want to determine more yourself, it is better to opt for a hybrid cloud or a private cloud.

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Do you also want to be ready for a future in the cloud: flexible and secure? Download this whitepaper now and learn everything about smart and secure management of your customer data with a cloud solution. Or take directly contact The Sourcing Company and discover how we can help you with your data storage.



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