First aid for a data breach

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According to the law, a serious data breach must be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority within 72 hours. But what is the definition of "serious" and how do you ensure that your company is up and running again at lightning speed?

A serious data breach

In our previous blog we described 6 practical tips to prevent a data breach. But unfortunately you suddenly have to deal with it. A serious data breach is when someone has unlawfully accessed or can gain access to data. This puts other people or companies at risk or could seriously damage them. Serious data breaches occur in many different ways every day. These can be hacker attacks, which is often the biggest fear of companies. Stolen laptops and smartphones, private documents that end up on the street and lost USB sticks or other external storage devices can also be the cause of a data leak.

What do you do first?

Both companies and governments have a duty to report data leaks. So be the first to report a serious data breach immediately data breach reporting desk of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If you do not do this, you run the risk of being fined by this Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Don't wait until it's too late

Anyone dealing with a data breach is also confronted with the fact whether the available backup procedures are correct and whether the measures to limit further damage also work. Therefore, an additional tip to periodically test backup scenarios and these additional measures.

The need for a good backup

Suppose your laptop has been stolen. Then it is important that you can get back to work quickly. Fortunately, cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, nowadays make it possible to continue working quickly. But is the Cloud actually sufficient as a backup? We think that one backup is not actually a backup. There are conceivable situations in which one would want to go back to the very first source file, while this document may have been adjusted in the meantime by 'working together in the Cloud'. It is better to save three copies of the data and to keep at least original, original source files in a safe location.

Backing up can be time consuming

Anyone who has to restore all information after a data breach will find out that Microsoft, for example, only stores the e-mails for up to 30 days. Or whether one-by-one e-mail messages and SharePoint information must be manually restored. To avoid this time-consuming problem, we provide additional backup tools.

Preventing further damage

Data cannot leak if the stolen devices can be remotely blocked or even erased. The moment an internet connection is established, all information that has now been encrypted will be automatically deleted. That is what we are happy to help with.

Knowing more?

Take here contact us if we can help you prevent data breaches.

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