Wanted: Azure specialists who really want to be specialists

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Gezocht: Azure specialisten die echt specialist willen zijn

At The Sourcing Company we need “tough guys”, but “smart women” with Azure experience are also extremely welcome. We are looking for energetic Azure Devops Engineers with brilliant ideas for our customers. If you recognize yourself in this, you are valuable to many organizations. So why should you become our new colleague?

You are not a specialist, but THE specialist

As an Azure specialist you can undoubtedly work for large IT organizations, but in many cases you are just a radar in the big picture. With us you have the freedom to implement your ideas yourself, take responsibility and be the Azure specialist. After all, you stand out and grow faster in a medium-sized organization than an organization with more than 500 employees.

Working for clients where privacy plays a major role

Unique in our proposition is that we offer both a Public Azure Cloud and a Private Azure Cloud. The Private Azure Cloud is hosted in a data center on Dutch soil. This is important for housing corporations, healthcare institutions, the legal profession and many other places where dealing with privacy-sensitive data is crucial.

Room for continuous development

There are two main ways of knowledge development. First of all, training is given by colleagues in all kinds of areas, for example on time management. Who knows, you might also share your knowledge with us soon! Second, we encourage every Azure specialist to take as many courses and training as possible. Not with a fixed budget, but if it suits you and the organization, then a budget will be made available.

You can fill in pleasant work yourself

We believe that IT specialists can best determine for themselves what they enjoy working with. The first month you will receive a laptop from us for the start-up, but after that you will receive a budget, by means of a points system, with which you determine what is needed to carry out your work. It is not without reason that pleasant work is our own vision.

An informal atmosphere, with a lot of energy

You can only experience the latter if you cross the threshold with us. We are all colleagues who love to “Work hard, play hard” to devise and build the very best solutions for Cloud issues for our customers. We all work in a trusted, safe environment where there is plenty of room for consultation and the contribution of knowledge.

Crossing the threshold?

That begins here or take Contact with Björn van der Wiel.

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