How to balance between security and ease of use?

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Hoe te balanceren tussen security en gebruiksgemak?

It often results in intensive and challenging discussions; On the one hand, organizations want to close as much as possible in terms of security, but on the other hand, users should not notice anything. They must be able to continue working without any problems. Fortunately, it is increasingly possible to find the right balance. How? These 4 tips will help you with that.

Tip 1: First classify

Finding the right balance starts with knowing what is and isn't important. Documents and e-mail messages can now be classified by applying labels to the content. This is done with the cloud solution Azure Information Protection (AIP). This allows you to classify, for example, which documents are public and can be sent to anyone, but also which are highly confidential and cannot even be printed or forwarded. Making this classification is often a collaboration between policy officers, IT management and our consultant(s).

Tip 2: Keep It Simple and Stupid (KISS)

If you want to keep a workable organization, we advise you to limit classifications to categories that can be counted on one or a maximum of two hands. The less extensive, the easier it is to use. For example, consider categories such as private, public, company confidential, extremely confidential or HR confidential. These classifications are then made visible as a label in Microsoft Office 365 applications, so that everyone can see the classification in Microsoft Word or when composing an email message, for example.

Tip 3: Start small, but think big

Finding the balance between security and users always involves movement. There is therefore nothing to stop you from taking a number of first steps. Starting it is always valuable, because it is always possible to make extra additions. The balance between security and users can be called agile; make interim security sprints to achieve a greater goal.

Tip 4: Put yourself in the user's shoes

This last tip sounds logical, but sometimes users experience that security measures are imposed. Then they suddenly appear to be extremely creative in finding alternative scenarios. By putting yourself in the shoes of the user and showing the importance of digital security, you jointly achieve a higher degree of digital security.

Can we balance with you?

We help organizations to find logical policies that can be linked to the available technology. We also organize various workshops for user groups to continuously monitor security, taking ease of use into account, of course. For additional information please here Contact us.

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