How does Microsoft Office and Office 365 work?

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Office 365

We used to only work with desktop applications from Office, you bought the latest version and installed it on your computer. You worked with this for a few years, with the 2007, 2010 or 2013 edition. Fortunately, that is no longer necessary and nowadays we can always work with the latest version with an online solution such as Office 365. There are no major changes anymore because the product is constantly being improved. You never have to get used to a heavily changed interface again!

Work online

You can use the Office Online website ( access your account and, for example, use online Word and online Powerpoint as you are used to on your device.

License Use

With one license you can install the applications on up to five devices, for example on your tablet, iPhone and laptop. The applications you can install are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. All other applications are only available online or have limited installation.

Installing applications on your device

In addition to online access to the applications, you can also install applications on your device, just like before. For this installed version you are entitled to the latest updates as long as your subscription is active. You will never again work in an outdated version of an application.

Synchronization of files

The files that you edit in Word Online and save in OneDrive can be recalled on your laptop with all the edits that you have done and saved online. Of course it also works the other way around!


SharePoint is a platform from Microsoft where you can easily share information, store files and facilitate (online) collaboration within a team or organization. An important concept is the libraries or libraries in which documents can be stored. You can store any digital object on SharePoint.

Office 365 in the Hybrid Cloud

In the Hybrid Cloud you use a combination of online and offline applications and this in combination with storage in the Public or Private Cloud. Depending on the need (speed, location, security, legislation and regulations) you decide which combination is most suitable.

Office 365 for business

There are a number of variants of Office 365, depending on your needs you can expand the package. We enjoy working with Office 365 for Business, which includes the most desired Office applications. The Office package includes all well-known applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel, but also Skype for Business and extra online storage with OneDrive for Business. In addition to these well-known applications, there are a number of extra (online) applications available in Office Online that make working a lot more pleasant! These are mostly still unknown applications but are conquering more and more ground. You can use these applications online, most of them can also be downloaded as a desktop application and used with a mobile app.


Yammer is a private social network for organizations and is based on open communication. For example, you can troubleshoot support issues, collect feedback on projects and documents, and distribute best practices.


In Sway you can easily create and share interactive reports, personal stories, presentations and much more. You don't need any design skills, Sway does this for you! This way you can create special presentations in an instant.


In Teams you can manage different projects, very useful if you work together in different teams with different tasks. You organize meetings, files, notes and chats in one place. The tasks are transparent through a Scrum board, you can easily add and assign tasks to a team member and view the progress. Teams works closely with SharePoint, Tasks and Planner and thus prevents duplication (or duplication of file storage).


Flow can let applications communicate with each other, based on set rules. For example, you can set that you receive a push notification as soon as you receive an email from a specific person, you can have your working hours tracked or show the next hour as busy in the calendar. Flow can communicate with all Office Apps, but also with Mailchimp, Oracle, Salesforce, Facebook, Youtube and WordPress.


Work more efficiently in Office with keyboard shortcuts

Did you know that you can use various shortcut keys in Office, which makes editing an email or a Word document a lot easier? Download here the most used Shortcuts for Word, handy on an A4!

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