Everyone is a developer with Microsoft PowerApps

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Do you ever have the feeling that a certain work process in the company could be different? You will probably then look for a supplier to find out whether an application exists for it. And if the solution doesn't exist yet, let a team of developers build something for you. That is no longer always necessary. With Microsoft PowerApps you or your colleagues can build your own custom applications.

Fast development without expensive development costs

PowerApps is standard in most Office 365 subscriptions. The great advantage of this application is that anyone can build with it without the need for programming or development knowledge. It saves the cost of hiring developers because it combines logical business rules. You can also share the app you build as a URL, making it easy to share functionalities.

Inspirational PowerApps examples

Making existing data work for you and easily adding desired data to a process, that's what you actually do with PowerApps. Five examples from practice to clarify:

1. The expense app

At The Sourcing Company we built an expense app ourselves. Receipts are simply scanned, and the date and accounting category are filled in. In the background, the entire approval process is handled automatically.

2. Improving customer contact on a technical helpdesk

A helpdesk employee can conduct his customer contact more professionally with an app that indicates, based on the customer's name, what the problem was, what advice was given and what action was taken. It visually brings together the most important core information.

3. Expedited invoices after an engineer visit

For people who provide service on the road, it is useful if they have an app on which they can choose hours worked, type of work and materials used. The invoice is automatically generated based on this data. It also prevents erroneous invoices with hours not worked afterwards.

4. A healthcare reporting app

People who provide care at home on behalf of care providers must do their administration during the care time behind the client's door. Instead of starting up the laptop and filling in all kinds of lists, the work can be considerably shortened by filling in the most important data via an app on the mobile phone. As a result, there is more effective time left for the actual care.

5. A marketplace for account managers

Of course, it doesn't just have to be about entering data. For example, PowerApps can also be used to create a marketplace where account managers can present products. They scroll through the database, as it were, and can easily view, click and order products together with customers

Microsoft makes creating PowerApps easy

You can make PowerApps by going to www.web.powerapps.com to go. There are a number of sample apps that will quickly introduce you to even more possibilities. In addition, a number of standard forms can be selected in SharePoint that can be quickly turned into a PowerApp. Of course you can also create your own unique app, because you have long thought that a work process could be more professional. Perhaps you are building an app to calculate the profitability of orders.

Need help or submit an idea?

We are happy to help you set up all kinds of work processes even faster, more intelligently and more optimally with apps. take here contact us so you can be the developer yourself.

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