Presenting in PowerPoint or is it possible with Sway?

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Telling stories, inspiring audiences and transferring knowledge remains a profession in itself. Anyone who occasionally presents will recognize that it takes a lot of time and effort to devise, develop and prepare the presentation well. The best-known tool used for this is PowerPoint and perhaps the most forgotten or even unknown tool is Sway. Therefore this further analysis.

Online versus installation on your laptop

Microsoft Sway is an online Cloud service, while PowerPoint is available in both forms; online as part of an office365 license or offline on your desktop. Incidentally, Sway can be purchased as part of an Office 365 license.

Automatic adaptation to the device

Anyone who gives PowerPoint presentations will undoubtedly have had problems with jumping out or invisible letters, because suddenly they had to be presented on an iBook instead of a Windows laptop. Or that the presentation suddenly turned out to be less legible because it was laid out in 4 x 3 (the classic image) and the screen was 16 x 9 (widescreen). The interesting thing about Sway is that the display is automatically adapted to the device. This is very useful, for example, when giving workshops. Then the presentation is even visible on the smartphone or iPhone so that you can participate from any place imaginable.

Content in your presentation

There are a number of differences between Sway and PowerPoint when it comes to filling your presentation with content. With PowerPoint you can easily add Excel and Word files to your presentation. You can also search for photos online and of course you have the option of adding photos, tables and graphs from your files. The difference between PowerPoint and Sway is that with Sway you upload a document and it automatically turns off the framework for you. This way you can immediately get started with the presentation. In addition, adding online content is much easier and more extensive in terms of options. Sway can also make suggestions about additional content based on the content already in your presentation.

Create presentations lightning fast on any device

Are you able to put together a PowerPoint presentation on your smartphone on the train? This may still work on a tablet. By using the Sway app you can even design your stories on your smartphone. That's because you can easily change all kinds of design styles within Sway based on a so-called 'remix'. If you want a different design for your photos or texts, press once and you will see a proposal for a new design. But there is one more thing. Sway also automatically provides a choice of logically appropriate visual material based on entered text. That saves a lot of time to come up with an inspiring presentation.

Will Sway replace PowerPoint?

No, both options have certain strengths that the other option does not, or to a lesser extent. Determine in advance what kind of presentation you want to make. Do you want a presentation in which you show a lot of data, tables and graphs? Then use PowerPoint. Would you prefer a presentation in which you show a lot of pictures, videos and online content? Then use Sway. Use the Sway and PowerPoint to the strengths they have and create unsurpassed presentations!

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