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Is it possible to have you as a person work smoothly and pleasantly? That especially not the often forced technology, but your challenge is what is given top priority. Problem-free and pleasant working is possible, but requires a completely different approach. Curious about this new approach?

Everything revolves around you!

If we're not able to really understand your challenges, we'll only provide standard answers and standard solutions, and we'll probably both remain as standard as our competitors. We would like to clarify that 'everything revolves around you' idea and want to make it something new and unique together with an example:

The other approach in practice

We have achieved pleasant work for a number of lawyers. How? By literally inviting them to our office and asking them what keeps them awake at night. During this discussion a number of problems were formulated and solutions sought. The result: Lawyers now work more pleasantly with legal documents in an environment specially developed for them, Magistra, where among other things they are no longer distracted by e-mail when working in the DMS. Time is money, and that certainly applies in the legal profession. In the same environment, they can now also keep track of their timesheets per case to always send the correct invoice and to exclude possible discussions with clients. This is proof that this different approach works. It's not about delivering technology, it's about solving core issues that are different for each individual or industry.

How do we make your work more pleasant?

The passion is to enable thousands of people to do their work with much more pleasure. That is a great ambition, but it always starts with knowledge sharing. In concrete terms: In the coming period you can expect a lot of practical tips from us about smarter collaboration, optimizing your own workplace, working securely with files and much more. So that you can get even more out of your working day, work more efficiently and prevent unnecessary waste of time.

What is your challenge?

Reply! Good performance of pleasant work is only possible if we understand what you as a user do on a daily basis and what obstacles you experience. Reactions about your daily challenges are therefore extremely welcome. Nice work in progress!

What is your challenge? Leave him here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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