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Do you start your work every day with starting Microsoft Outlook or do you start the day with Microsoft Teams? The latter is smarter, because then your colleagues know immediately whether you are available or in a meeting. But Teams has many more smart features.

Read here five important benefits that Microsoft Teams offers and experience that you really cannot live without:

Advantage 1: The pleasant feeling of all-in-one

Working as a team sounds easy, but there is a lot involved. Sharing documents via e-mail, saving them in Microsoft SharePoint and meeting online via Skype are recognizable examples of this. In the past these were separate applications. Not anymore, because you can see Microsoft Teams as the big toolbox where everything you need to work together comes together in one central system. At more than 200,000 companies that now use Microsoft Teams, it has become the most important dashboard for employees to perform their daily activities efficiently and in a controlled manner.

Advantage 2: Intelligent chat options

Why are too many questions often asked within companies? Because not everyone knows what has been discussed. Microsoft Teams offers 'persistent chat' as a solution to this challenge. It is precisely this functionality that has a huge impact on the collaboration. It means that every participant of the project team can see which chat discussions have taken place with the team members. This central storage of chat messages has the wonderful side effect that there is much less reason to catch up with each other. After all, every team member can simply read the conversations! Microsoft Teams thus prevents a lot of unnecessary questions that are asked by e-mail, for example.

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Advantage 3: Easy collaboration with external parties

More than 1.5 million self-employed people work in the Netherlands, so the chance that your organization will work with someone who is not on the payroll is high. This may, for example, involve cooperation with an external marketing organization. A 'guest' can easily be added to the relevant team by means of his or her email address. The team members then see: 'This team has guests' and these external employees are separately labeled and made visible. Of course it also works the other way around and you can be the 'guest' at another organization that uses Microsoft Teams.

Advantage 4: The integration of apps speeds up collaboration

Imagine you are meeting online via Microsoft Teams. Then it is possible to bring an app into the conversation that is immediately available to the project team. For example, a calculation app has been developed with Power BI, the interactive tool for visualizing data. With the input of apps, knowledge can be exchanged much faster. For example, in the past you sent a screenshot or hyperlink to clarify something. With the integration of apps, that is a thing of the past. Incidentally, all apps also work great on smartphones, be it Android or iOS, so you can always participate productively in an online meeting from anywhere.

Advantage 5: Microsoft Teams is personal and can be personalized

Not everyone will want to use all the functionalities that the Microsoft Office 365 platform offers. To keep an overview, every user can turn on the functionalities that he or her often use and turn others off. Besides the fact that you can create a personal dashboard with this, working with Microsoft Teams is also fun. It is a modern tool where, just like WhatsApp, you can use emoticons, gifs and stickers to make a message even more personal and to strengthen it.

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