Super safe working from home? Embrace the public Cloud!

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As an entrepreneur or IT manager, you do not want hackers or cyber criminals to penetrate your company network. Nevertheless, there have been significantly more cyber attacks in recent months due to working from home. Security Management even reports that cyber risks are a hundred times greater during the corona crisis! Shall we take you on a trip to super safe working from home and start at the beginning?

The least safe home situation

Not everyone has a company laptop or tablet. These homeworkers go to work on the private computer or perhaps the children's game computer on which unsafe apps have been installed that even eavesdrop on you. Most cyber attacks come from using old internet browsers, unreliable apps and working with outdated Windows software that is no longer supported by Microsoft. The IT manager, who now also works from home, unfortunately has no insight whatsoever ...

It is already becoming more secure - the private Cloud

Working from home in a business remote desktop environment is already a lot safer, because all company data is behind a defense line, the firewall. Compare it with the wall built around a castle. The challenge? You have to continuously make sure that no one breaks through. If you don't, you create false security. The advantage of such an environment is that users cannot install software or apps themselves. However, the authorized software will have to be completely up-to-date at every workplace. Those who opt for a business desktop in a private Cloud will receive greater security if the infrastructure is monitored remotely by a reliable managed service provider. Because they do this for several parties, cost benefits can also be achieved in a private Cloud environment. Private Cloud, however, gives the impression that data remains more private than with public Cloud, but the opposite is true. "If you don't want sensitive data to suddenly become public, embrace public!" Some explanation seems in order:

Super safe working from home in the public Cloud

Think of the 10 or so men with swords in the picture above as hackers or cyber criminals. They are only face to face with a complete army of hundreds of Microsoft white hackers. That is the line of defense of the Microsoft Azure platform, formed by specialists who have cybersecurity as their daily work. But why then is it called public? It suggests that your data is public, but that is precisely the misconception. Public means that any company, including your organization, can use it. There is also Azure US Government, Azure US Army and even an Azure China version. Trust us, you really won't come in here.

How safely can you work from home in the public Cloud?

Some examples; documents can be classified so that they cannot be emailed. Even making printing impossible is possible, just like storing files in unwanted environments. In addition, confidential or valuable information can be protected, because these documents, for example, may only be viewed from a specific workplace. This can even be done during a certain period and only by authorized employees. You can view these documents after you have had to authorize yourself in several ways via MFA, multi-factor authentication.

Our conclusion

A virtual workplace in the public Cloud facilitates super safe working from home. And ... for companies that want their company data to remain safe on Dutch soil, we also offer a solution in our public Azure Stack environments in the Netherlands. Then you do use the functionalities of, for example, the public Microsoft Office 365, but the data files are stored within our own borders.

Everything aimed at working from home safely

To keep private Cloud or mixed (hybrid) environments safe, specialists are needed, whom we naturally have in-house. But secure collaboration in public Cloud environments is already arranged at the highest level by default. Fortunately, more and more often, it is about making users work more pleasant, productive and enjoyable at home workplaces and all other places where work is done again.

Do you also want to work super safely from home?

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