The Sourcing Company is the first to use ChangeMyCar

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fltr Jeroen Duijvestijn (The Sourcing Company), Johan van der Blom (The Sourcing Company), Jos van As (ChangeMyCar), Ronald Verweij (The Sourcing Company), Willie Thoonen (Athlon)

The world is changing. We move from possession to use. We no longer buy CDs, but listen to music via Spotify. A vision shared by Ronald Verweij of The Sourcing Company and ChangeMyCar. So it's no surprise that the parent company Athlon allowed ChangeMyCar to interview The Sourcing Company.

ChangeMyCar offers employees an app where they can choose from dozens of lease cars. The requested car is at the door the next day. The new lease product offers the option of changing cars every month. There is no limit to the number of times someone changes cars and there is no long-term commitment. And that is in line with the vision and needs of The Sourcing Company.

The Sourcing Company believes that everyone can work comfortably anytime and anywhere. They realize this with their customers, but of course this also applies to their own employees. Being able to work pleasantly also means creating a good work-life balance. The ChangeMyCar concept fits in well with this because in this way the employee can choose the car that suits him or her well in his or her life at that moment.

Since November 1, ChangeMyCar's first car has been running at The Sourcing Company. 'We have worked for months to launch ChangeMyCar and to get everything operational on paper,' says Jos van As, COO of ChangeMyCar. 'So it's really cool that The Sourcing Company has quickly decided to use ChangeMyCar with their lease drivers, so that we can gain experience and develop the product based on feedback from users. We also want to deploy more cars, in order to offer The Sourcing Company the necessary flexibility.

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