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Housing corporations are increasingly opting to put ICT outside the door. What does the step to the cloud mean for an organization, and how do you ensure that business processes can continue? spoke about this with Raymond van der Vlies, information management consultant at Trivire: “Working in the cloud provides us with more quality, continuity and flexibility. ”

The Dordrecht corporation made the step to the cloud in 2016, says Raymond. “At that time we still had a full I&A department and we did everything under our own management. However, when all equipment had to be replaced and many I&A colleagues were moving towards retirement age, we thought about the need for our own department. It soon became clear that outsourcing would yield many benefits, and you also saw that developments at the corporations are increasingly about information and process management and less about automation. ”

Quality, continuity and flexibility
The advantages of the cloud can be summarized according to Raymond in three pillars: quality, continuity and flexibility. “The quality lies in the close cooperation with our cloud supplier, The Sourcing Company. They have specialist knowledge, and we can simultaneously focus on information management. In addition, continuity is also better guaranteed by the collaboration; The days when there were delays in projects or maintenance of systems due to illness are over. ”

“Finally, the move to the cloud enabled us to implement the 'Working smarter' project. Everyone has been given a laptop for this so that work can be done independently of location. In the corona crisis, our office is therefore practically empty, and work can continue at home. ”

Dot on the horizon
According to Raymond, it is important to realize that the cloud is not an end, but a means to achieve goals. “It is precisely by making optimal use of the possibilities of the cloud that we can serve tenants even better. We prefer to be in digital contact with them and handle our processes digitally, unless this does not match the possibilities of the tenant. At the moment we are still working hard to migrate our entire ICT landscape to the cloud, and our dot on the horizon is to work completely in the cloud by the end of 2022. In addition, we already work digitally with our most important contractors as much as possible, and we strive to work even more closely in the chain via the cloud.

When asked whether the move to the cloud brought about a culture change, Raymond says: “It certainly took some getting used to at the beginning. Many colleagues were used - or spoiled - to be able to drop by the I&A department and arrange it so quickly. That is no longer possible and we have been strict on that in the beginning. For example, we have made a distinction between questions about our ERP system Tobias AX and the cloud, in order to direct employees with questions to the right person. ”

“It is also important that you also keep knowledge in-house. Ultimately, you remain responsible for the choices you want to make and therefore some knowledge of technology and your own vision is essential. ”

When using the cloud, Trivire works closely with The Sourcing Company. Raymond: “They provide professional user support, manage the ICT infrastructure, resolve any malfunctions, implement changes, participate in projects, provide advice and work with us on pilots to implement improvements. In addition, TSC complies with all certifications, which is of added value for us in reporting to our accountants and Supervisory Board members. ”

According to Raymond, this ensures better security of systems. “TSC strictly adheres to the protocols we have agreed upon. For example, all our devices hang Intune and are fully managed by our cloud partner. They can implement and enforce the settings, functions and security there. Because we all have a laptop and mobile phone, this means that all devices are fully configured according to our rules and settings. Consider, for example, requirements for passwords, pin codes, a VPN connection and security against threats. ”

“The cloud also helps Trivire with robotization,” Raymond continues. “We have built a new robot solution together with TSC that works via the cloud. This Proof of Concept has now been approved in the test environment and we are now going to build it into production. The second robotisation process is also almost ready. The cloud certainly benefits from the success of these PoCs, because we are unable to achieve this with the existing software within our own environment. ”

Hybrid solution
For the first step to the cloud, Trivire opted for the private cloud. “Now we are evaluating to switch to a hybrid model because it combines the best of both worlds. The advantage of the public cloud is that you get almost infinite scalability and the supplier takes care of maintenance and updates of the infrastructure. You generally also pay per use, for example per how much capacity used per month. The advantage of this is that you can scale up quickly at peaks, even automatically. ”

“We also want to continue to use the private cloud for certain applications. This is because we need a high degree of security, want to determine conditions ourselves and want to have and keep full control over data. That is extremely important to us, even if it is at the expense of flexibility or can result in higher costs. ”

Puzzle piece
The coming period will be dominated by the migration to Dynamics AX 365 with A +, Raymond concludes. “We have founded A + with eight other corporations. The common DNA of this partnership is that all corporations use Aareon Dynamics AX 2009, and we are all roughly the same size. In the next three years, we will all have to switch - or make a completely different choice - to AX365 in the cloud. In consultation with the ERP supplier Aareon, we try to prepare ourselves well for this with a readiness program. The dot on the horizon for Trivire is, as stated, 2022, where we want to be completely in the cloud. To this end, we have been taking small steps since last year with all software that is not suitable for this, and by the end of 2021 we want to be sure that everything we still use in software is or will be in the cloud. This makes the ERP system the final piece of the puzzle to complete the move to the cloud. ”

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Source: CorporatieMedia, Photo: Trivire

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