Hour registration for the legal profession, 3 tips that you can pay attention to when purchasing a time registration system

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The different files, multiple employees in the office, support staff and clients who require time; the hours that are worked are valuable, but not always clear. That insight is necessary in order to work efficiently and to optimize the workflow. An hour registration system provides clarity and overview. However, there are so many systems, which one is best for your office? What do you have to pay attention to?

1. Time registration for the legal profession

In the legal profession you have to deal with some specific situations. The hours that are worked on a file must be justifiable within the office, but also to clients. Transparency is more important and in demand than ever before. And not only the files, but also the non-billable hours must be transparent and categorized. Add to that the ethical privacy code and the GDPR and it is clear that it is nice if the time registration system is specially designed for the legal sector. A general solution will therefore often not be the solution that is needed. Our advice is therefore to choose an application that is specifically made for the legal industry.

2. Connection with accounting program

Every company nowadays works with many different types of software, systems and apps. The better these fit together, the more effectively you can do your job. When a time registration system is linked to the accounting system, the hours no longer need to be entered twice. This saves a lot of time, especially on a not too popular, non-billable task. That is therefore a double profit. With an overarching solution, such as Magistra, different applications are integrated into one system. Time and overview is the gain.

3. Time registration for everyone

When everyone at the office always and everywhere registers the hours in the same system, everyone also has quick and easy insight per file. So make sure that the time registration software is accessible to everyone within the office who writes hours. The allocation of rights is interesting if a distinction has to be made between who can write and read where. For example, it is interesting for a partner to gain insight into the division of hours and billable employees. So check carefully whether the system complies with the desired rights structure.

Would you like personal advice about the best time registration system for the legal profession or would you like to know more about Magistra, download our free whitepaper about Magistra now or take contact without obligation us.

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