Safe and easy IT management with Microsoft Intune

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Veilig en eenvoudig IT beheer met Microsoft Intune

Digital security has become more challenging with the advent of more and more mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Nevertheless, it is possible to determine how these devices of the organization are used by employees. This has also become increasingly important due to more frequent working from home. The cloud service Microsoft Intune is the solution to securely manage individual use.

Microsoft Intune in short

Microsoft Intune is a Mobile Device Management solution that provides easy management combined with a consistent user experience. First of all, users simply register their device themselves and then log in to an Intune portal. If the device meets the IT conditions, the employee will be offered his or her applications. It's that simple.

Safe and simple IT management includes the following:

Controlled e-mail traffic

There are e-mail messages that are only intended for 'internal eyes'. With Microsoft Intune, certain email messages may not be able to be sent to people outside the organization.

Grant storage rights

You will not want digital copies of confidential documents, such as salary data, financial data or contracts. That is why with Microsoft Intune you can ensure that not everything can be saved by just anyone. In that case, “copy-paste” does not exist. Certain devices and the persons associated with them can be granted these rights.

Deploy and verify apps

Unfortunately, rogue apps are in circulation and employees can easily install them. Unless you use Microsoft Intune, because both devices and apps must meet the security requirements to be able to install them. In addition, the installation of apps by the user can also be completely blocked.

Separating the business and private environment

Many of the organization's devices are also used for private functions. Therefore, Intune ensures that corporate data is kept separate and isolated from personal data. In this way, the data of the organization is secured.

A secure registration for every user

Employees' devices must first be registered with the Intune service, after which a so-called MDM certificate, Mobile Device Management, is issued. With this enrollment, users automatically receive the rules and settings preconfigured in Intune. This includes passwords, the ways to establish a VPN connection, setting pin codes and the security requirements with regard to cybercrime threats.

Finally, the rollout of new applications with Microsoft Intune is extremely easy, because this can be done in one go as the users who also have these applications in their profile.

Do you also opt for safe and simple IT management?

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