Secure data storage, why choose a Dutch cloud partner?

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You are interested in data storage in the cloud, but you may still be unsure whether it is a secure option. You may already be using a cloud solution, but are considering switching. It must of course meet your standards and certainly the safety standard. That is exactly the reason why you choose a Dutch cloud partner.

Dutch data center

Many companies and organizations work with sensitive information; personal data, company data, specific customer data. The certainty that your data is stored safely is therefore very important. More and more companies, but also (semi-) governments are therefore working together with Dutch data centers.

Dutch and European law is leading at these data centers, making the servers completely GDPR-proof. Parties such as governments of other countries are therefore not allowed to just gain access to your data. Suppose you run a law firm and have a tax case against the US government, then you obviously do not want this party to be able to gain insight into your data. This can happen with a cloud with a server on American territory. In addition, a Dutch company that offers server space in the Netherlands meet strict security requirements and legislation, and that is to your advantage.

Download our whitepaper 'How do you keep your customer data safe?' and get acquainted with different cloud solutions and Azure Stack. 

For which companies and organizations

Privacy is high on the list of priorities for many companies and organizations. All the more reason to opt for data storage at a Dutch cloud partner. For certain industries, security and protection of personal data is even more relevant. Think of the medical sector, the legal profession and healthcare institutions. You should not imagine that data from patients and clients will end up on the street. Trust is the basis of the relationship between doctor and patient or lawyer and client; the correct and safe storage of data thus forms the basis. For that reason, The Sourcing Company, as a Dutch cloud partner, works a lot with organizations within the healthcare sector and companies in the legal sector. But also for every other organization and company a safe storage of data is assured at The Sourcing Company.

Would you like to know more about the security of your customer data?


Do you want to be sure that your customer data is securely stored and not just out on the street? Then download the whitepaper 'How do you keep your customer data safe?'and get to know different cloud solutions and Azure Stack from The Sourcing Company.  Or contact The Sourcing Company directly for a no-obligation consultation.


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