Valuable for every employee: Preventing phishing!

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Waardevol voor iedere medewerker: Het voorkomen van phishing!

It may be your parents who ask you whether it is correct that they have to pay an expensive ticket from the CJIB. They received a message via email. Or you receive a WhatsApp from one of your children with the request to transfer money urgently because they are stranded on the way. All fake messages! Cyber criminals pretend to be acquaintances or well-known institutions and steal money in a smart way. So share this message!

Ways to Avoid Phishing

Outsmarting cyber criminals is the goal of this blog. The problem of phishing is such that the Digital Trust Center (DRC) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) has sent a harmless phishing mail to companies to see if they fall for it. Pass these 6 tips on to colleagues to prevent this from happening:

Tip 1: Do not open messages that you do not trust

Trust your gut feeling. The CJIB, banking institutions and other organizations, where it can be a lot of money, do not send e-mails and will never ask for login details via e-mail! When in doubt, simply contact the relevant institution by telephone.

Tip 2: Consult Google

As an example, the person who receives a 'fine' of 249 euros for driving through a red light. Google on “CJIB and phishing”, you will find this message. Your doubts quickly turn into 'sure' if you consult Google in time. Do it in all doubt and by clicking on 'images' in Google you may see similar fake messages from others.

Tip 3: Check whether you know the sender

Check if there are any strange characters in the sender's e-mail address, such as hyphens. If you don't know for sure the sender, never open the provided link. Also check if the link looks strange, such as https: ... or something similar.

Tip 4: Beware of pressure and unauthorized language

“If you do not respond within 48 hours then… Unfortunately we have to inform you that we will block you if you do not reveal your identity… We give you one last option to pay the bill of 845 euros… Avoid blocking your bank account by apply for a replacement debit card now ”… These are all examples where pressure is exerted and what you should be on your guard for!

Tip 5: How fluent Dutch does the cyber criminal write?

The articles de, het and een are often confused, especially when these phishing messages come from a malicious place from abroad. In case of doubt, also check whether the language use corresponds to the normal language use of the actual sender. Tip 5b; also check the logo used.

Tip 6: Delete the phishing mail immediately

If you want proof of a cyber criminal's attack, take a screenshot to report it to the police. Delete the message immediately and do not forward it to your colleagues to check. If you want to know for sure whether your computer, laptop or smartphone is not infected, please contact your IT department or the infrastructure manager.

Was this blog valuable?

We hope this information is useful and shared. Everyone can become a victim of phishing in private and business environments. The most important weapon is and remains awareness among employees. Should there be one data breach have arisen or the infrastructure has been shut down due to ransomware, where a ransom has to be paid, then the backup is of course well organized ...

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