Change your background during a meeting in Microsoft Teams

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We dare you!

Now that we have been working from home for a number of weeks and we are increasingly getting the hang of Microsoft Teams, we can look at how we make working from home and studying a bit more fun.

We do a lot of video calling in this day and age and the same wall in the background keeps getting boring. Recently we can make this more fun, because you can adjust your background. A number of standard images have been added from Microsoft, but you can also create your own background and add it. Our colleague André van der Berg already wrote an interesting one there blog about. In this blog a short summary of his blog.

How do you change your background?

You can do this in 2 ways

  • Change your background before a meeting starts

Before you join a meeting, you can set up the video and audio. To change your background, click on “background effects”, this is to the right of turning on your camera. You can then choose an image.

  • Change your background during the meeting or during a call

The other option is to change your background after you have already joined the meeting. You go to the controls for the meeting and click on the 3 dots, then choose Show background effects from the menu and then choose an image.

To make this even more fun you can also add your own chosen image.

You can do this by saving a JPG or PNG file in the following folder:

For Windows:
%appdata% \ Microsoft \ Teams \ Backgrounds \ Uploads

For Mac:
/ users / username / Library / Application Support / Microsoft / Teams / Backgrounds / Uploads

You will then see the backgrounds that you added between the standard backgrounds from Microsoft. In this way we make working remotely a little more fun again!

We challenge you to share your best creations with us, under the hashtag #TSC #msteams

I have already started myself:

Did you know

  • Will 9 images be visible simultaneously in Microsoft teams from the end of April?
  • You also have a Raise Your Hand position in Microsoft Teams?

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