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It's the things we do on autopilot, habits. They are perhaps the greatest enemy of change, where we previous wrote a blog about it. That is why this time we pay attention to a number of habits that seem so normal, but are not at all. In most cases, habits are even harmful.

Habit 1: “Just save a file”

An important advantage of working in the Cloud is that documents are stored in a secure central environment. But does that always happen in that environment? Probably not, because colleagues use the F: drive and quickly save a file on a USB stick. With potentially two harmful consequences. First of all, a virus accidentally entered the network because the USB stick turned out to be infected. Secondly, this USB stick gets lost. Highly confidential information is exposed. “Damn, where did I put it?” Fortunately, since the arrival of the AVG legislation, more attention has been paid to loose, insecure data carriers.

Habit 2: “Reading the Minutes of the Previous Meeting”

The Dutch like to sit around the table to discuss all kinds of important matters. It is not for nothing that we are also called a country of 'polders'. Nothing wrong with that in itself. Yet a lot of meeting time is often wasted because agenda items or results achieved are discussed that have long since been dealt with. The main reason was that a colleague was not aware of the latest state of affairs. Get rid of this habit quickly, for example by only meeting when there is a good agenda. Or make sure that every employee involved is always aware of the latest state of affairs. Microsoft Teams is a great solution for that.

Habit 3: “Digital Hoarding”

No, this hoarding has nothing to do with a well-known large gritter, but with the habit that there are many employees who like to 'store'. In the past, when almost all communication was on paper, cleaning had to be done. Otherwise archives would become too full or it would become one big mess on the desk. But now it seems less noticeable if there is no cleaning up. That's right, you see the digital clutter less. But it does not lessen the burden that employees experience. A lot of unnecessary ballast means having to search longer for the right thing. So periodically clean up and especially qualify what needs to be kept. Isn't it important? Delete it. It saves a lot of annoyance, but it mainly ensures that the rising data storage costs are brought to a halt.

Habit 4: “Email the question, because then I'm done”

You may recognize the colleague who ensures that your e-mail inbox is never empty. Another question! Even worse, a few days later you get the question where the answer is. This email habit often seems to be about throwing a problem over the fence. It is better to just call, have a cup of coffee with each other or start a live chat. What does it yield? Better contact with your colleague, direct exchange of knowledge, emptier e-mail inboxes and, above all, unnecessary question and answer games. Because how often does a forgotten answer to an e-mail turn out to be solved?

Do you have a habit you want to say goodbye to?

This blog was for inspiration. We are curious if you yourself have examples of habits that should be broken. What change is needed to make your work enjoyable?

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