In 2007 The Sourcing Company was founded on the grounds of Nyenrode Business University. Because no equipment could be placed there that could be accessed from the outside, equipment was placed in a data center. Cloud servicing did not yet have the capabilities it has today, but within the boundaries existing at the time, The Sourcing Company met the demand. After a number of years, The Sourcing Company felt the desire to bring more focus to the services. It was no longer just about outsourcing and managing customers' ICT infrastructures. The digital landscape has changed, the possibilities expanded and with the advent of big data, focus is needed to continue to offer quality and expertise.

In 2013 it was decided to change course; fewer platforms to build a better relationship with suppliers. This created better opportunities for clients. The 40 employees are not generalists, but specialists. Working on the basis of equality, in synergistic, self-managing teams, is the strength of the company. In order to also be able to offer quality across the board, The Sourcing Company has entered into sustainable partnerships with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, among others.

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