The modern workplace

The modern online workplace is a digital workplace for every employee that you can then consult on any device.

You choose a Modern workplace because:

Balance between work and private

A good work-life balance is becoming increasingly important and is still a major challenge for employers.

With the modern workplace in the Cloud, your employees can work anytime, anywhere. At the place where they feel most comfortable and with a device of their choice.

Safe and smart

The Modern workplace allows you to work together safely and smartly, anytime, anywhere. That gives freedom, flexibility and increased productivity.

You can work together from any location in the same file and with the same data, which makes working more efficient.

A modern one customized workplace

For the legal profession, we have even gone a step further and have created a modern workplace that can be implemented quickly: Magistra. A workplace where time registration, creating and sharing documents and files and maintaining contacts are seamlessly integrated. Safe and efficient, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Ready for
the step to the cloud?

Is your company ready for the step to the cloud? One of our specialists will be happy to give you non-binding advice, online or on location.

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The Sourcing Company makes working in the cloud possible for all your employees, anytime and anywhere. We are looking for the most suitable and groundbreaking ICT solutions to enable you to work carefree.

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