How TSC is shaping the hybrid world with HPE and Microsoft

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As a service provider you have to be flexible, and that means integrating an infrastructure that’s just as flexible as you. We know exactly how to play that game. As a service provider we take our services a step further than just hosting. We offer our customers a complete application environment, adjusted to the specific needs of our industry. How? By creating a hybrid strategy and building strong partnerships with Microsoft and HPE. As a specialist in private cloud, it was already years ago that we started noticing that managing a lot of different platforms leads to a lot of complexity and a loss of flexibility. In 2013 we decided to start focusing on a specialized approach, one that’s built on less platforms and a stronger relationship with suppliers. This meant searching for a partner that supported their vision, but also had the ability to grow with us: less operational work, more efficiency, and above all more flexibility for their customers.
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