Privacy statement

The Sourcing Company treats its customers and visitors exactly as we would like to be treated when it comes to privacy. We do collect personal data, but ensure that it does not end up with third parties if no agreements have been made for this. And if we contact you, you can unsubscribe very easily.

In short, we protect your data and will not share it with third parties. And you can always unsubscribe with every email. That is our privacy statement in short.

Below we would also like to share an extensive version of our privacy rules. We have tried to make it as comprehensible as possible. If you have any questions about this, you can always email us at

Personal data upon registration
If you register for one of our events, we ask you for your personal data. We don't need that much information, just what is strictly necessary to arrange your participation as well as possible. Below you will find an overview of the personal data we need and why:

  • First and last name: So that we know who is present at the event
  • Gender: So that we can address you properly.
  • E-mail address: You will receive a confirmation and the necessary information for the event, but after the event you will also receive very fine information about the subject you have been to. If you no longer want to receive this, you can easily unsubscribe under every email you receive.
  • Company name: So that we know which company you belong to and any contact afterwards is easy.
  • Mobile phone number: For emergencies only! With last minute changes.
  • Participation history: How annoying would it be if we inform you about an event you have already attended? That is why we keep track of where you have been.

We also use your data for the following:

Service desk:

You can call, email and Facebook, Linkedin and twitter with us. To make sure you don't have to tell your story twice, we make short notes about your question. So that, if you get someone else on the line at another time, our colleagues know immediately what the question was and what has already been discussed. Very handy!


Our goal is for everyone to enjoy their work, so the function of our newsletter is mainly informative. No sales pitches but tips and tricks on how to work even more pleasantly. From time to time we also like to show you how we are doing, but in general we will mainly send you messages with information so that you can work even more pleasantly! Moreover, you can easily indicate with every newsletter that you no longer wish to receive it.

Do you want to view your personal data? Change or remove your data from our system? No problem. Let us know by mail or email: Sometimes we have to keep certain invoice data for the tax authorities, but we have an advanced system to anonymize data.

Third parties
Your personal data will not be shared by us with third parties unless it is necessary for the performance of your work. But not for commercial purposes.  

Retention period
We apply a clear rule here: we do not keep your data longer than you think is desirable. The retention period depends on the purpose for which we received or collected the data and any legal obligations.

Choices for Personal Information
We offer you the opportunity to view, change or delete all personal information that you have provided to us. Send us an email to with a request for access, change, data transfer and deletion of your personal data.

Securing personal data
We take privacy very seriously, we have taken the following measures to protect your personal data:

  • Servers and devices of our employees are equipped with up-to-date security software, such as a virus scanner and firewall.
  • We only work with top suppliers who take privacy just as seriously as we do. We only send your data via secure internet connections (TLS, formerly SSL). You can see this at the address bar 'https' and the padlock.

Changes, questions and feedback
We regularly check whether we comply with this privacy policy. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us:

The Sourcing Company

Pompmolenlaan 10H

3447GK Woerden

088-771 1000